For the past two years Avenue 9 has been using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) to provide porcelain crowns, bridges and inlays to a wide range of patients. Using the finest software and CNC hardware, our team will put a smile on your face with safe, durable, natural looking and comfortable implants. Contact us to book an appointment.

What is CAD/CAM?

A revolutionary approach to dental prosthetics, CAM/CAD drastically reduces the time of prosthetic production by machining new implants at our dental practice, within 24 hours. The latest addition to dental advances, the innovative, computerised CAD machines take implants to a whole new level.

An optical scanning machine captures a perfect image of the teeth and surrounding tissue. A computerised impression is then digitally fed to a milling machine, which mills a perfect replica of the tooth or teeth.


Dental impressions no longer require messy and wet mould material to be unceremoniously placed in your mouth. The CNC (computer numerical controls) milling arms shape a single mini ceramic block into a crown, veneers, onlays bridges or inlays; no metal is used at all. Not only does this equipment create new teeth; it fabricates abutments for molars, which will ensure your mastication function is not impaired. All this is done in-house.


In-house upgrades: The 3D optical scans allow dental technicians to perfectly restore the functioning and aesthetics of milled teeth. If adjustments need to be made, they can be done on the spot. There is no need to send the teeth back to the lab for amendments. Filing, milling and implants can all be done at the practice.Turnaround time is reduced: The process is seamless and smooth, completely cutting out a two to three week waiting period. Straightforward milling and implants are done on the same day, however, if your dental implants are more complex, your waiting period may extend to one working week – at a push.Predictable outcomes: CAM/CAD offers completely predictable outcomes because the teeth are based on the optical scans, which perfectly capture your real teeth. Traditional dentistry couldn’t always predict the outcome of lab-moulded teeth, which left patients with the possibility of unnatural looking teeth and potentially discoloured implants. There are no blurred lines with machine-produced implants.Safer restorations: No metal is used for new implants; amalgam-metal has been discontinued because it does not adhere to health and safety regulations. Mercury-free porcelain produces better and safer results.

Switch to safe and efficient dental implants with Avenue 9 CAD/CAM dental solutions. Contact us today and enjoy your new smile tomorrow, or next week at the latest.

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