Dental Implants Perth


Dental implants do more than just improve your appearance, as they restore normal function for a permanent solution to lost or damaged teeth

A Natural More Attractive Smile

Avenue 9 offers affordable dental implants to Perth dwellers; the artificial teeth secured in the jaw, to replace a single missing tooth, badly damaged teeth or unsightly teeth. As a more comfortable and attractive alternative to dentures, this method is considered to be the best tooth replacement option available.

Cosmetic implants involve the removal of teeth and the fitting of a crown, which is similar to the natural colouring of the mouth and teeth, enabling patients to chew in a more normal way, as well as providing an efficient method of securing and supporting teeth to make them stronger for years to come. As a day surgery procedure; this method is done in stages for the best results. Dr Brewer has been providing affordable dental implants in Perth for over 7 years, utilising quality suppliers for the best results.

The Benefits of this Option

  • A natural, beautiful smile
  • Strong, comfortable and secure teeth
  • The best results in terms of facial aesthetics
  • An effective and permanent solution for tooth loss
  • Allowing normal shape, speech and function

Save Time & Money

Recognised Dental Implant Provider

Avenue 9 is one of few clinics that can surgically place dental implants in Perth as an HBF provider. This ensures significant cost savings for clients, as some implants can be completed at 20% of the regular fee. Dr Brewer can also provide further cost savings by offering you the choice of having the surgery at the clinic rather than at hospital. Dr Brewer can reduce your waiting time, as you book your surgery sooner.

The Benefits of this Option

Avenue 9 offers a range of dental implant options. The professional team can place:

  • A single tooth
  • A bridge for multiple teeth
  • A complete denture
  • A complete arch

Reputable Brands

Avenue 9 utilises the best available dental implant suppliers, to ensure a quality solution is available for you.

  • Straumann: committed to providing a quality range of dental implant options and innovations.
  • Ankylos: this option for life, designed for long term tissue stability.
  • Astratech: offering advanced methods and devices.

The Process

Dental implants are custom-made to suit any size or shape mouth. Once the initial implant is placed there are no needles or drills. From the time of placement it takes between 2-3 months for integration before the tooth or teeth can be placed; this is the same for every patient.

For teeth whitening, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, teeth grinding, bad breath and other preventative procedures or cosmetic dentistry in Perth, contact Avenue 9 on (08) 9250 6633.