Dentures Perth


Dentures are widely used as a popular and inexpensive way of replacing missing teeth.

Dentures Perth

A Financially Viable Alternative

This is still a popular and inexpensive way of replacing missing teeth, widely used where dental implants are not viable. Dr Brewer has significant experience in providing dentures in Perth. We make them to fit the size and shape of your mouth and face, for the best results.

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  • Improve your appearance
  • Fill gaps in your smile
  • Replace a few or a whole mouth of missing teeth
  • A great temporary option before implants
  • A financial viable option

Maintaining Facial Structure

They can also be used in conjunction with dental implants in maintaining your facial structure and providing additional support. Often a few dental implants are placed to significantly increase retention.


The team at Avenue 9 can refurbish your existing dentures, to repair damage or to better fit your mouth. Refurbishment or reline is a more affordable and quicker procedure. Realignment can be available in as little as 1 day.

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