Wisdom Teeth Perth


Wisdom teeth removal is often necessary to avoid pain, overcrowding and other dental issues.

Wisdom Teeth Perth

Wisdom teeth removal is often necessary for many people to avoid pain, overcrowding, moving and other dental issues. Dr Brewer aims to provide in chair wisdom teeth removal where appropriate for significant cost savings.

When is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

  • Patient experiences pain
  • X Rays indicate issues
  • Not enough room in mouth
  • Possibility of moving
  • Usually at around 18 years of age
  • To reduce pressure

Choose Avenue 9

  • Offering flexibility and choice
  • Significantly cheaper and quicker
  • Recognised provider
  • Experienced and qualified specialists

Know Your Options

In offering the utmost flexibility and affordable options, Avenue 9 provides the following methods of removal:

  • Referral to a surgeon in day surgery, for wisdom teeth removal under local anaesthetic.
  • Referral to an oral surgeon under twilight sedation, for a more pleasant procedure and less after effects.
  • Simple in-chair procedures under local anaesthetic, so you can drive home after and experience significant cost savings.

What to expect

After the procedure there is usually minimal swelling and some pain, which is relieved by analgesics. Patients must exercise care when eating, and there may be some limitation to jaw opening.

After care

After care is simple, requiring basic hygiene practices that aid healing.

  • Regular mouth wash
  • Dental hygiene
  • No smoking
  • Hot salt mouth washes
  • Allowing the wound to heal
  • Using an irrigator to flush out the area

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