Avenue 9 have proven methods of accurately diagnosing the source of the bad breath infection, as well as providing the most effective treatment.


Bad breath is usually the result of bacteria and infection. Avenue 9 has proven methods of accurately diagnosing the source of the bad breath infection, as well as providing the most effective treatment. It is important to treat bad breath early as it is an indication of a serious problem. You can reduce and prevent bad breath by implementing hygiene procedures to remove bacteria, such as flossing, brushing and tongue scraping.


Bad breath can be caused by an infection in the mouth which can be attributed to:

  • Gum disease or periodontal disease: addressed through scaling, cleaning and regular flossing.
  • Bacteria living on tongue: this can be removed by using tongue scrapers.
  • Infected wisdom teeth : these can be surgically removed.
  • Infected tonsils: patients are referred to an ear, throat and nose specialist for further treatment.
  • Gastric reflux: patients are referred to a specialist for treatment.


  • Receive regular dental check-ups and cleans* Every 6-12 months.
  • Floss every day
  • Brush teeth twice daily
  • Use tongue scrapers to reduce bacteria
  • Reduce the consumption of sweet and highly acidic foods


Where bad breath is attributed to gum disease, there are several signs of infection. In the early stages of gum disease the gums are inflamed, red and may bleed when you brush your teeth. Early gum disease can be effectively cured through improved hygiene and education. Avenue 9 Dental Clinic is passionate about assisting you to make the change and improve your overall health and wellbeing.


Where bad breath is attributed to advanced gum disease; there is significant tartar under the gums, which are red, swollen and painful. The tartar must be professionally scaled off. Avenue 9 Dental Clinic has two experienced and qualified hygienists which assist in treating the gum disease and educating you on reducing issues in the future. After your visit, your teeth will look and feel cleaner, and stains or bacteria build-up will be removed. Regular dental hygiene is then required to maintain your healthy new mouth. For very advanced gum disease, the professional team at Avenue 9 Dental Clinic will refer you to a specialist.

It is essential to take dental hygiene seriously, because if not treated gum disease can cause serious tooth loss.

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