Avenue 9 Dental Clinic Midland provides professional and effective services, to brighten your smile, removing stains and discoloration


Brighten your Smile

Imagine a beautiful white attractive smile that makes you appear fresher and younger!

Avenue 9 Dental Clinic Midland provides professional and effective teeth whitening services, to brighten your smile, remove stains and discoloration. With a large selection of bleaching products and services, the professional team at Avenue 9 Dental Clinic provide expert advice on the best solution for your specific situation and requirements, including in chair and take home options.


Convenient & Cost Effective

Avenue 9 Dental's full range of Midland a full range of take home teeth whitening kits to suit different requirements. Take home teeth whitening is a very flexible option, allowing you to increase the treatment for greater effect or decrease the treatment to reduce sensitivity.

Benefits of Take Home Teeth Whitening

  • Affordable and convenient
  • Achieve excellent results
  • Offering choice and flexibility
  • Bleaching trays can last up to 5 years
  • You can keep re-bleaching over time to maintain your new smile
  • Re-purchasing bleaches to use in trays is a lot cheaper
  • Any bleach can be used in the custom bleaching trays, allowing you to try different products


The professional team at Avenue 9 Dental Clinic Midland can advise you on the best teeth whitening option to suit your requirements considering your comfort, the condition of your smile and how to achieve the best results for you

1. Day White: A take home option, where you bleach once a day for 1 hour over 1 -2 weeks

2. Night White: A take home teeth whitening option where you bleach twice a day for an hour or you can wear the bleach overnight.

3. Platinum: an at home treatment which is high potency and low in sensitivity.

4. Opal Essence: no messy strips or trays, helps to remove plaque and is easy to apply. Polishes while lightening, for professional results at home.


Avenue 9 Dental Clinic Midland also offers in chair teeth whitening in Perth, to ‘jump start’ the process

5. Zoom: The Zoom procedure involves just 1 hour in chair teeth whitening for an immediate dazzling response, including a take home Zoom kit to continue the process.

6. Jump Start Bleaching Technique: Offering a time conservative whitening option; with only 20 mins in chair plus a take home kit.


Health funds vary, so check with your specific health fund, to find out the exact rebates provided for teeth whitening procedures.


  • Teeth whitening products are not recommended for use during pregnancy.
  • Some patients experience discomfort from teeth whitening in relation to sensitivity
  • You should seek advice on your specific situation to ensure you use the best product for you.
  • It is important to read and follow the instructions on the packaging or the advice from your dentist.
  • Not recommended for children under 16 years of age.
  • Products can only whiten natural smiles, e.g. you cannot bleach crown, veneers or fillings.